Tuesday, September 23, 2008


These days, many are asking me for what I have learned over the years in my quest to regenerate and heal my body from cancer. There is much to be said about the mind body connection to proactively taking care of your health and for healing. One thing I did learn is we must BE OUR OWN LIGHT. Question everything and make it your own. Nobody knows your body better then you. One can get lost in all the opinions, protocols, strategies, and "proven" ways to heal. Everyone has an angle. Just educate yourself and make a decision that feels good to you, not because someone tells you it is the right way.

If you do choose to follow nature, have patience and trust. It may have taken you years to put yourself in a state of dis-ease and imbalance, so it may take you some time to get back into balance. Sure a pill can make it all better at the moment. However, there are usually other consequences that will be knocking at your door in the future as a result of the imbalances that are created from taking that pill. Just planting a seed of thought!

I generally offer guidance to focus on 4 simple things to keep yourself healthy and for regenerating your body temple. You asked so here they are!



1. Eat Whole Foods. Do your best to eliminate packaged goods with chemicals and preservatives. Our body is 70% water. Organic whole unheated foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and organic water full of energy from the sun that our body needs to stay clean and juicy.
2. Eat Organic. Set your body free from filtering and storing pesticides and chemicals that WILL catch up to you at some point under the title of headaches, colitis, sore joints, bloating, cholesterol imbalances, or some sort of diagnosed disease.
3. Enzymes Enzymes are the catalyst of life-force in your body. They digest your food and are responsible for every metabolic activity in your body. Enzymes are the spark of life! You find them in raw foods and foods not heated above 118 degrees. You certainly can benefit from PLANT based enzyme supplementation taken before a cooked meal to help absorb nutrients and to give your body a break from doing all the work of digesting foods that have lost their enzymes in the cooking process.
4. Acid/Alkaline PH balance. It has been proven, cancer and disease thrives in an acidic environment. Your blood must be alkaline. Sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol, soda, coffee, most grain based foods, and negative based thoughts create an acidic ph balance in your blood. Fruits, vegetables, joy, forgiveness and gratitude are alkaline. Turning your diet to one of a heavy fruit/vegetable based meal will add water and oxygen to create an alkaline state in your blood. The result will be vitality, healing and regeneration. For complete protein or the raw goods of amino acids so your body can create the “protein” it needs, consume soaked raw nuts and seeds, avocado, coconut meat and all green leafy vegetables. Think of all the large and STRONG animals that eats nothing but grass and greens which are loaded with minerals and protein. As the saying goes, "When you are green inside, you are clean inside."


House clean your body temple with the change of every season. You will deep clean your house, open windows and scrub away. Honor your body in the same fashion allowing your organs to shake like a wet doggie, breath and shed the layers of stored mucous and undigested matter that is flowing in your blood from consumed preservatives, additives and chemicals. Our body is 70 percent water. Cooked foods are void of water and most Americans do not drink enough water to give your body and internal shower. There are MANY detox methods available, choose wisely. Consult or seek guidance from a trusted source who glows with health. It can be as simple as fasting for 2 to 3 days consuming nothing but vegetable and fruit juices and consider colon therapy. If you are not comfortable fasting, simply give your body a break from meat, fish, chicken and dairy for a few days, drink plenty of water and get some exercise!!



In addition to diet hygiene is of utmost importance!

Our skin is our largest organ and everything we put on our skin enters our body 60 times faster then what we put in our mouth. Read labels and use botanically based, paraben and mineral oil free cosmetics, soaps and lotions that contain MINIMAL preservatives. Consider salt bathing, dry body brushing and using a sauna to give your cells an opportunity to clean out and breath!


GET MOVING please! Your lymphatic system needs to be moved and given the opportunity to clean out! Living a sedentary lifestyle creates stagnation at the cellular level. Any debris and toxins that are in your body are just nestling in for a permanent residence if you don’t get your lymph flowing and moving out like a well run machine.

Consider this….we put gas in our car, change the oil, rotate the tires, get it washed and drive around with the windows down on a warm sunny day. Do the same for your body! Remember, you cannot trade this one in!

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