Friday, August 1, 2008

Do you feel what I feel?

Feeling a bit off or sensitive lately? Well, this morning was a total solar eclipse so perhaps you are/were feeling its energies. I took time this morning to read a bit about it and would like to share it with you for your own personal insight.

“This solar eclipse is encouraging our moods to acquire a new outlook on our personal image...some of you may be strongly touched by the need to get a new lease on life. If low self esteem sets you back on the ecliptic new moon, remember that you aren't inherently a failure-that's just an old pattern of behavior. A new pattern of positive self image and dignity can be created and the old beastly pattern will have to be tempered and corrected. Take time to apply self worth, self respect and discipline!”

I am not sure about you, but now that I pay attention to what the planets are doing, I observe my mood and emotions to see what is coming up for me. When I take the time to read things just seem to make sense and I can move with much more grace and ease. I have become respectful of the benefits of taking time to tap my inner resources to make the most of my life and the experiences I am having. What do I mean by that? Well, sometimes things don’t turn out the way we planned, or we find ourselves in a pickle and need to evaluate what our next move will be. Often times we look for others for guidance or see a doctor to tell us what is “wrong” with us without first checking in with the one who knows best. YOU. But in our crazy fast paced world, who really is taking time in solitude to let what ever needs to come up, come up. To really listen and respond to that inner suggestion that keeps coming up. Things such as call this person…go here…don’t eat that, you know you’ll feel like crap. Or man I really do not want to spend time with this person because when I do I feel so drained.

There is so much primal wisdom within each of us, but generally as a society we seem to be so disconnected. I grew up in Iowa where we worked hard, but rested too. It was quiet, the sky was big, the air was fresh, the nights were quiet and the relationships were our free time when not at work. A social event was not going out to dinner, but having a potluck with one of my 5200 relatives….a few families getting together which meant about 21 children having a ball. Parents played cards and we ran around the farm swinging off the ropes into bails of hay or playing ghost in the grave yard which was always a LONG game considering it took forever to find someone on a farm! So simple…so lovely.

I can remember my grandmother just sitting outside rocking in her chair and we would pick an apple up from under her tree and watch the cows walk home over the field back to my Uncle Jim’s for the night. We would watch the sun set and Grandma would stick her finger up in the air and say, we have to close the windows tonight….it is going to rain. For the love of God….how did she know that. SOLITUDE. Being quiet in nature…breathing…relaxing and just knowing.

So that said, today I found myself in an ever deep appreciation of my Iowa heritage and family. The Farmers Almanac is set according to the celestial movement and my lineage lived their life accordingly. Paying attention to the planets and my emotions today, I also observed the nutso people run around hooking horns and not managing their elevated emotions because the planets are funky. Then I came home and the advertisement on TV of course was about a pill that could make it all go away, it would help you deal with your nutso life. But the price is you’ll never be able to poop normal again and you may have ongoing headaches or heart complications as a result. Sign me up for that please Doc! Perhaps if we would just stop and take some time to listen to what our body, mind and the quiet voice of our beautiful eternal soul is trying to tell us, the world would be a kinder place.

That said, I do believe there is a shift taking place…I can see it and feel it. There is a quiet vibration under all the noise of a bustling urban city. People are beginning to turn to the wonders of solitude. More and more are taking up yoga and meditation. They are seeing the beauty and explosive taste of fresh organic produce on their tongue and following it up with a smile. They are turning to the like of Deepak Chopra and lending an ear to his message. Even Oprah is calling her audience to stretch themselves and read Ekhart Tolle and reflect on thoughts that perhaps are bigger then what their conscious mind can really understand…but their heart is fully embracing. I have faith, and I believe a shift is happening.

I hope you have the opportunity to join one of our Hip Goddess monthly events if you are in the Chicago area. Every part of me is so delighted to host the event to help build a community where we have an awareness or perhaps desire to spend a couple of hours out of our month to connect with new people and learn about a few holistic things that could encourage us to take another step in the direction of doing something for ourselves according to mother nature.

On a final note….when I blog…I am truly “blogging” I turn off all worries of making this grammatically correct….I am stepping out of my own way and just writing my peaceful thoughts as they comes up and share them with you. Tomorrow I will share with you a list of ways you can embrace your God/Goddess stature! Sleep well! Or like my Mother and Grandma Tillie says, “Nighty Night”

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