Thursday, January 24, 2008

Think you're smarter then Mother Nature?

I cannot get enough of research on topics that revolve around resetting our health back to good ol mother nature! After being a toxic waste dump of chemicals and radiation from cancer therapy...I learned the hard way! Trust me! Going through it all, my thoughts were, "There has to be a better way then this!" Clearly this is not the healing protocol Mother Nature had in mind!

Then again...we have gotten so far away from Mother Nature with our processed, preserved, boxed up stuff we call food! Even if we are eating whole live foods like our veggies and fruits, when we go to the store we see these non organic GIANT perhaps from outer space apples and pears! Looks terrific, right?! But how did they get so big?

We are a nation that wants things bigger, faster, better and super sized. We just toss in a few chemicals to genetically alter it and shazam! We have the BMW of produce ! Somewhere along the line we Americans have gotten so far away from keeping things simple. We think we can out smar Mother Nature. Let's just give her a her up and add to or "fortify" her to meet out needs.

So our grocery stores are shelved with processed, boxed up and HUGE genetically modified food...right along with rises in every disease known to man. And we wonder what is the reason for this epidemic? It is my opinion many of the diseases we are hunting to, "find a cure" would all settle down if we would get back to mother nature. Sure a drug or pill can destroy the diseased cells...but maybe an excess of such chemicals is what contributed to our cellular break down in the first place? Hmmmm...

What would happen if we allowed Mother Nature to heal us and reset our DNA back to normal? Sure it doesn't happen as fast as a drug or pill....but she can do it! If she can conceive a baby, spin the planets, and make the flowers grow...I am certain she can heal us too.

Our end of the healing contract with Mother Nature is to go back to her whole organic foods, clean water and give it time. Sounds simple right? Not in the least. It takes a good practioner to guide you along with your faith, belief and committment. I am telling you, YES YOU CAN!

Perhaps you may be thinking I am a radical unrealistic health wholistic health nut....but I have been on the end of fear and allopathic treatments only to swing the other direction to detox and rejuvenate by being back to balance with Mother Nature. Certainly, the path has not been what I would define as a good time! Far from it! And I am still a work in progress. What I can tell you is I do feel better today then I did when I was having a ball in college!

I wanted to blog on this topic this morning to just put the shot out and high five Mother Nature! ! Waking up I thought....I am less then thrilled about the sub zero temperatures today...but good Lord Mother Nature, how do you do it? You alter our weather from 90 steamy degrees to colder then my freezer! You are AMAZING! Many thanks to you to helping me restore my vitality with your pure, organic whole and living foods!!!

I hope I have given you something to think about! I job is to "toss it out there" and let you take it further if you are so inclined. For me one plus one did not equal two when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer many years ago. I choose the allopathic route because it felt right to me at the time. Nobody knows your body better then you. All our answers are within us. Do don't take my word for it! Try it yourself!

Lastly, I am passionate about researching wholistic health....LOVE IT! Right now I am digging into the great Gabriel Cousens book, "Spiritual Nutrition". I would like to leave you with a blurb from his book as food for thought!

"We need to mimic Nature in our work, not think that we're smarter than Nature. Continued force-feeding of a few chemicals in high-concentration fertilizers upsets the balance of subtle nutrition. This is why the whole pesticide and herbicide approach doesn't work; it does not coincide with Nature. The natural law is: The more mineralized the soil, the healthier the plants are, and the more disease-resistant they are. The healthier individuals are those who eat the highly mineralized plants."

Peace...and go eat something organic, juicy and perhaps something green today!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is your legacy?

Deep thoughts....I received an email yesterday letting me know Petter Morck, the founder of Arbonne International, a Swiss formulated wellness company based in California that I work with, had passed away. I was really tossed into "the moment" while reading his eulogy and I cannot help but share a portion of it with you. Perhaps reading just a bit of it will make you stop and think, "How am I living my life...what is the passionate pursuit of my I continually seeking to"get" rather then "give".

During that moment I was brought back to the time I was knee deep in cancer treatments and was living for the day. Each day was appreciated simply because I didn't know how many of them I was going to have. At 29 I had so many plans for life, no different then, career success, marriage, family...etc etc.. However, that experience fueled a fire in me to really do something with the time I DID have. Some of my worries changed to how was I spending my day? Were the things I was doing for the benefit of me, or for others? It was a funny feeling. I really never thought about that before I was just doing and thinking about things that every other 29 year old was preoccupied with. Common things like career and getting married.

Sometimes I think it is a shame we live our lives for the next best thing. Getting married, a bigger home, salary, faster car, another child, more recognition, more new clothes, a bigger TV...MORE MORE MORE. We Americans are nutso! My Grandmother used to slap a few big words of reality on me from time to time, "Susie, don't save it for a rainy day because when life is over, you are not taking it with you!"

So I regress...reading Petter's eulogy brought me back to those days of cancer therapy and really thinking and living in the moment...did I forget? Not really. I am mindful of just how I am spending my time in my work and loving others. I try not to save too many things or the thoughts of my heart for just the right special moment. I smile at the homeless or an angry person who crosses my path...I sing every morning in thanks for the new day...stop in awe at the glory of a daily sunset....thank my sweet hubby Eric for all he does and remind him just how amazing he is...and more. However, like everyone I get stuck in the wanting of the next thing and not loving where my feet are right now! I can always improve on that!

So before you read about Petter remember this: We come into the world naked and alone, and we shall leave naked and alone. We take nothing with us but the love we have gained from the relationships we have had along the way. How will you be remembered?

God Bless You and BE HAPPY AND IN LOVE!

A man like Petter Mørck defies definition. Challenges convention. Is uniquely one-of-a-kind. And leaves the world a better place than he found it. These were all hallmarks of Petter’s life. He cared about people in a way that made everyone who knew him better for the experience. Whether you spent five minutes or five years in his sphere of influence, you knew you had been in the presence of a remarkable man.

Even now, Petter must be smiling and nodding knowingly, at his own, self-styled portrait. He never took himself too seriously and it was one of his greatest charms. From the signature red-rimmed glasses to his warm greetings and genuine love for people, he was a man full of life and humor, passion and compassion, with an infectious smile. Arbonne’s founder was, in a word, extraordinary.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Doing what you LOVE in 2008!

So we find the new year upon us and once again we ask ourselves, "What will my new years resolution be this year?" Hmm, what shall I contract with myself that I am going to change in my life for the better?

This morning I woke up thinking why is it always something we want to change? Why not take a moment and think about the things we love...the things we are passionate about...the things we love to do in our free time...the things that are just so hard to pull ourselves away from to carry on with our day?

My friend and I were on the same vibe yesterday carrying Joseph Campbell's words in our heart, "When you follow your bliss...doors will open where you would not have thought there were doors....and the world will step in and help." He began quoting Joseph while at the same time I pulled the quote out of my planner to show him those words showed up in my life on the very same day....clearly words meant for us to hear...message received.

So this year I once again started the top of a blank page with 2008 and wrote down the things I am passionate about for direction as to what I will pursue or continue to go after this year...somewhere in there my treasure of prosperity and satisfaction are waiting...or will simple show up as a reminder and encouragement to continue on sister!

The page filled up quickly as I held nothing back...there were no limits and I quieted all self talk of, "Are you serious you really think that is possible?" Cancel clear on that one betcha and I am going for it!

Certainly I won't bore you with my list, but I will share that first and foremost it was clear that I love and cannot get enough of researching, reading and experimenting with the health benefits of natural, whole and living foods for rejuvenation and optimal health and spiritual growth and power. After dealing with a body that was a mess and out of balance from chemotherapy, radiation and pharm. drugs in 1999, it has been an interesting adventure ride taking responsiblity for my life cleansing and doing the emotional/spiritual work so I could rejuvenate my being and contnue to walk the planet to evolve and give back!

So as I continue to dive in on such topics this year, I am committed to share with you what I learn! Your role is not to take my word for it, but to take it all in and make it your own. I have learned we are our own doctor. Never give your power away to anyone who says this is the "way". Listen to yourself and proceed with whatever feels right for you and go for it! That is why we have LIFE! To learn, love and share!

So cheers to you and a happy new year! Follow your inspirations and say yes to your aspirations! We must decide for ourselves what success is, what "making it" means, and go for it! Yes you can!!