Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Dissolved Mystery

I am reading an old classic by Professor Arnold Ehret "The Mucusless Diet Healing System" a scientific method of eating your way to health published in 1953. It is a book I recommed every lay person to read regardless of the "diet dogma" you subscribe to. Professor Ehret comments, in the course of forty years you consume 42,000 meals. Is it not possible that they may have some effect on the human organism? Diet is the basis of blood formation and the quality of blood is the river of life for your cells. Professor Ehret taught through his common sense reasoning the importance of diet in the cause of disease, its prevention and treatment in a standard far higher than believed today in traditional health medical science.

Ask yourself, what is the quality of goods you are putting in your stomach that filters into your blood to bath your cells. Do you read the labels of the food you eat or what you feed your children. If you cannot pronounce it do you think your cells want it? How are the food colorings, preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavorings, etc serving your body? Where do they go? Why use your body as a filter and inevitably store it in the tissues and fat in your body. Such inorganic waste does not serve you and its accumulation can be dangerous. We get into auto pilot when grocery shopping grabbing the boxes and packages of processed food stuff because it is quick and easy and believe it must be safe or it would not be on the shelf.

The reality is we have an outstanding epidemic of disease in our world today. Sure people are living longer, and we have early detection to diagnoses disease. However, our medical society treats symptomatically versus addressing the root cause of the imbalance in the body. I am not against western medicine when it can cure. We need our emergency rooms and I have gratitude for our medical community. However, Mother Nature in all her simplicity and majesty can bring the body back to balance when you fuel our body with her organic whole and unprocessed foods. It may not be as quick as a pill, it takes time, but it does work.

Through personal experience, I went through chemo, radiation and heavy drug therapy. At the time it felt like the right path for me. I would choose differently now knowing what I know. Post treatments, I detoxed my body and truly felt awful for several years after removing the drug residue and "ick" out of my body. It was a roller coaster ride and much ofthe time I felt worse then how I felt going through treatments. However, I stuck to it and today experience a sense of vitality and energy beyond what I felt in college.

When people choose to shift their diet to one of whole organic foods free from heavy meat and dairy, they feel great for some time. Then the body hits a layer of mucus and waste and releases it into the blood stream to usher it out of the body and we feel AWFUL. Many at this point draw the conclusion that their new "diet" is not working because they feel worse. This is unfortunate because the new "diet" or way of eating is loosening up the old stored waste in the body which is what we want, it just isn't a good time while it is on its way out and we may feel like we have the flu with headaches and respiratory issues. When you go back to your standard diet or take a pill, you suddenly feel better again only because you have halted the internal cleansing. If you stick it out, you will feel better soon. Remember you have spent a lifetime of eating unbeneficial foods, so it will take sometime to work it out. You don't house clean or clean once a year, it is an ongoing job.

I would like to wrap this "food for thought" message with a segment from the Mucusless Diet System subtitled "A Dissolved Mystery" to encourage all those out there that are moving towards a clean diet and are not feeling the greatest at the moment.

"The reason doctors in general, as well as the layman, do not believe in a mucusless diet, is simply this: Whoever experiments without experience with this diet of healing, whether sick or well, loses his faith immediately, as soon as he has a crisis, becomes what he believes to be "seriously ill", that is to say, a day(s) on which a great amount of dissolved waste, debris, mucus and other poisons are taken back into the circulation, a period of great elimination. This produces at the same time a strong, almost irresistible craving for wrong foods and , strange as this may seem, the patient most strongly craves for the wrong food, which was once his favorite. This is explained by the fact that Nature is eliminating thru the circulation the waste of these foods, and it is when they are in the circulation the craving and desire is naturally produced. This then is why it is of extreme importance that every meal of a diet of healing and cleansing must leave the body as soon as possible."

So as they say, things need to get worse before they get better. Stick to your guns when things get rough on the healing path. I encourage you to pick up this tiny $4.95 book and see what Professor Ehret has to say. He is highly opinionated and passionate but the information he has for us is intriguing. Here is a link to purchase the book on line. http://www.arnoldehret.org/healthclub/fasting_aol.html