Thursday, June 25, 2015


Nothing says summer like sipping an ice cold, fruity cocktail out by the pool (or, fine, on the unfinished cement rooftop of your apartment building), a sensation DavidsTea seems to know intuitively, having launched cocktail teas that coincide with the start of summer.  (Photo:  David's Tea)  For more information, visit

A super-simple tea cocktail recipe:
1. Brew up a glass or pitcher of your tea of choice and let come to room temperature or refrigerate.
2. When cool, pour it into pretty glass with ice until its 3/4 full, and add a small shot of your spirit of choice, such as vodka, tequila, or rum.
3. Add fresh fruit and herbs like mint or basil (if your fridge complies and you feel like getting decorative), and stir.
3. And voila, you have a cocktail that’s likely healthier (not to mention fancier) than your average sugar-packed mojito.
We tried the raspberry mojito mixed with rum, raspberries, and muddled mint, and it was refreshing, fruity, and flavorful, without being at all saccharine.
So you can enjoy it on a hot night—and tell your guests that while it might give you a buzz, it’s not coming from the sugar. Amy Marturana WellnGood