Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is your legacy?

Deep thoughts....I received an email yesterday letting me know Petter Morck, the founder of Arbonne International, a Swiss formulated wellness company based in California that I work with, had passed away. I was really tossed into "the moment" while reading his eulogy and I cannot help but share a portion of it with you. Perhaps reading just a bit of it will make you stop and think, "How am I living my life...what is the passionate pursuit of my I continually seeking to"get" rather then "give".

During that moment I was brought back to the time I was knee deep in cancer treatments and was living for the day. Each day was appreciated simply because I didn't know how many of them I was going to have. At 29 I had so many plans for life, no different then, career success, marriage, family...etc etc.. However, that experience fueled a fire in me to really do something with the time I DID have. Some of my worries changed to how was I spending my day? Were the things I was doing for the benefit of me, or for others? It was a funny feeling. I really never thought about that before I was just doing and thinking about things that every other 29 year old was preoccupied with. Common things like career and getting married.

Sometimes I think it is a shame we live our lives for the next best thing. Getting married, a bigger home, salary, faster car, another child, more recognition, more new clothes, a bigger TV...MORE MORE MORE. We Americans are nutso! My Grandmother used to slap a few big words of reality on me from time to time, "Susie, don't save it for a rainy day because when life is over, you are not taking it with you!"

So I regress...reading Petter's eulogy brought me back to those days of cancer therapy and really thinking and living in the moment...did I forget? Not really. I am mindful of just how I am spending my time in my work and loving others. I try not to save too many things or the thoughts of my heart for just the right special moment. I smile at the homeless or an angry person who crosses my path...I sing every morning in thanks for the new day...stop in awe at the glory of a daily sunset....thank my sweet hubby Eric for all he does and remind him just how amazing he is...and more. However, like everyone I get stuck in the wanting of the next thing and not loving where my feet are right now! I can always improve on that!

So before you read about Petter remember this: We come into the world naked and alone, and we shall leave naked and alone. We take nothing with us but the love we have gained from the relationships we have had along the way. How will you be remembered?

God Bless You and BE HAPPY AND IN LOVE!

A man like Petter Mørck defies definition. Challenges convention. Is uniquely one-of-a-kind. And leaves the world a better place than he found it. These were all hallmarks of Petter’s life. He cared about people in a way that made everyone who knew him better for the experience. Whether you spent five minutes or five years in his sphere of influence, you knew you had been in the presence of a remarkable man.

Even now, Petter must be smiling and nodding knowingly, at his own, self-styled portrait. He never took himself too seriously and it was one of his greatest charms. From the signature red-rimmed glasses to his warm greetings and genuine love for people, he was a man full of life and humor, passion and compassion, with an infectious smile. Arbonne’s founder was, in a word, extraordinary.

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