Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seedless Fruit, Seedless Person!

I just have to reflect with you as a result of a conversation I had yesterday in the produce section. I squealed with joy upon seeing organic globe grapes WITH SEEDS! A woman heard me and obviously saw my joy and asked, "Why do you want the grapes WITH the seeds? Isn't it a pain and too much work to spit them out?" Her question sort of stopped the clock for me and I realized how far away from Mother Nature the general consumer has gone or is going.

My question to her was, "Do you want to be a seedless person?" A human without seeds is infertile right? Do you really want that? When our kitchens become filled with genetically altered and hybridized fruits and vegetables, then we too become genetically altered, seedless and infertile. Let's think about the advice of the saying we all know, "You are what you eat". It is my belief we are only as healthy and vibrant as the food we fuel our body. How about you?

Ponder this. If you stuck a seedless grape or any seedless fruit or vegetable in the ground, would it grow? NOPE! The best food we can eat is food that is whole, alive, full of enzymes, and with SEEDS! It is the original God given food that grows freely according to Mom Nature.

I can remember as a little girl eating grapes and hearing my Mom and Grandmother tell me, "Susie you should chew the seeds, they are good for you!" So I did and little did I know how good they really were for me. Grape seeds are known as a powerful antioxidant and full of bioflavonoids. Antioxidants help protect the body from premature aging, decay and disease. Antioxidants are needed to neutralize free radicals. Bioflavonoids have the remarkable ability to strengthen blood vessel walls. I don't know about you, but couldn't we all use some of that? Think about how much people pay for grape seed extract for their anti aging properties in top shelf skin care! And we are spitting the seeds out, or buying the seedless grapes. Hmmmmm...

So, take a peak a roo in your kitchen and take inventory. Do you see packaged and processed foods that are full of preservatives and chemicals. Ooops if that is the case, but no worries here! Just begin to replace your previous choices with whole foods that are organic when possible, not genetically modified or SEEDLESS! Let's not use our body as a filter or our beautiful rejuvenating cells as the pantry to store the toxins that the body cannot shake off and send on its way. If this is happening in your body, it probably feels like things such as migraine headaches, fatigue, bloated feelings, cholesterol issues, constipation. or finally a diagnosis of some sort of imbalance.

Our goal at Hip Goddess is to teach people how to use pure and natural foods in a simple way, everyday. Add in one new thing a day or each week, and delete something that is simply not the best ever and you'll be on your way!

Wanna learn some quick and easy food prep ideas using whole foods in their raw state? Then join us on Thursday November 6th from 7 -9pm at the Whole Foods on Ashland Avenue in Chicago! To register call 773-244-4200. The class is $20 and please, come hungry!

Also, we'll be at LuLuLemon on Halsted in Chicago this Saturday September 27th from noon to 2pm mixing up and sampling our over the top decadent RAW Goddess Brownies! Come see us and give your taste buds a serious treat while you benefit from some serious nutrition, IN A BROWNIE! Oh stop!

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