Wednesday, August 3, 2011


can you, on a walk in the morning after a rain, 
feel the dew on your cheek
the dampness in the air in your lungs on your inhale
look at the trees and if they had a voice, what would the tone of their song be for you
is the tree you gaze upon a male or female
is it breathing
regardless of the severity of the weather
it remains faithfully strong
no reaction to the cold
nor the heavy weight of humidity
or the heat of the sun's power

there is a lot to feel on a walk through a park without music in your ear
or conversation with another
just walking, hiking, feeling and sensing
almost like magic
how aware can one be
how sharply can you tune in and feel
i wonder what the trees say to each other when you leave their kingdom
probably nothing
only love
and an invitation to come back again

go deeply into nature
isolate yourself from noise
from structures of the world
listen to nature

i encourage 
the suspension of judgement 
i encourage
to feel the intelligence
 in the frequencies of nature around you

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