Friday, August 5, 2011

Intuitive Impulses?

I am not sure I know what you mean by "intuitive impulses" or hearing guidance can you expand?  Sure.  So from a personal recollection if I think back some years and I would hear someone suggest I "listen" for guidance or follow your intuition etc etc.  The idea of that would sparkle and flicker in me, but I was not sure how to access that guidance or reach it.  Would I hear a voice or something like the biblical television production of the 10 commandments that we would watch without fail every Easter in my Catholic household.  I can remember seeing Noah or Moses all of the sudden get  LOAD voice from the heavens calling their name :)  Is this what would happen for me when I would hear the guidance....although in a soft "Susie" and not a shrilling scream...though the louder the better to get my attention.  

Anyway, moving on here, over time from my own personal growth efforts and most importantly actually and truly learning about the faculties that each human has of "clairvoyance" and after finding that awareness from John Douglas of Australia and using his lessons and tools to more or less, "power up" or super charge those faculties or what John refers to as "pilates of the spirit", I am growing these structures and becoming almost like a powerful radio tuner.  I can "feel" the guidance I need to get to make the next choice in my life.  I personally don't "hear" voices but rather all of the sudden see a picture in my mind of me doing something, like a daydream, and I recognize that as guidance by how it "feels" in my heart.  Typically it is like, "Oh yeah, of course, that is what I should do" or thoughts come through that stop and make a certain kind of impression on me that I know that was not just a "susie thought", but rather one coming in from "the frequencies of nature" or the "unbounded intelligence in nature" that is ultimately God no matter which way you slice it, dice it, label it, paint it...period end it is God.

That is what I refer to as an "Intuitive Impulse"  pretty cool.  How, when or where does this come.  Well, firstly it is without me trying, seeking, asking or looking.  I use John's CD. Psychological Repair to state or ask a question I am seeking guidance for in my life.  On the CD there is a point that you are prompted to "ask" and I do.  Then I let it go and in faith I know I will get a daydream image, or someone will come and ask me or tell me something and my heart will flutter so I know that is the answer I was requesting.  John's CDs are from my truth, the pinnacle of spiritual technology we have on the planet today to access the highest frequencies of nature to attend to the consciously growing human.  Check them out at or please email me and I can give you the skinny on them.  I have known John for almost 5 years and work with him and have seen so many things happen for others around the globe, I cannot help but trust nature and the process that is going on before my eyes, and directly with me.

I had to share this today as every morning I walk and hike through the trails here in Central Park in New York City with my pals Lilly and Bella.  It is when I am romping through nature by myself, repeating silently in my head a three word mantra John gave to me, I am almost like, if you can imagine whiskers or wings out from my body receiving, and feeling the same air that the trees are breathing and the oxygen they are feeding me.  I look up into the sky and feel the hot sun on my face, smell the dirt, hear the birds or the water from the water fall...then even better I will just look up and take in the entire majesty of a tree in front of me and take a deep breath.  Now, do you remember Star Trek and how when they said, "beam me up scotty" they would disintegrate into a million pieces and disappear?  Well this is what I imagine me doing....totally blending all of my perceived particles of my human body into the air with the is so darn cool....i encourage you to try it.  However, best to do by yourself or with your pet as sometimes it is hard to dismantle your mind if you have a human companion with you.

So back to my walk, while pumping up the steep hill, mind totally blank thinking of nothing I got an image of me wearing a t shirt with my soon to be released new website name, "Urban Opulence".  Thought not a thing of it, but idea i guess that let it go.  Next Someone introduced themself to me at the water fountain at the park on the east side which is a big meeting place for everyone and the water is cold and comes out FAST in this heat.  My heart was so joyful she stopped and engaged in conversation as usually I am the one to do that :)  New to New York, she was curious who the "new chic" was in the park everyday as you do see familiar faces and greet each other with a smile.  So I am sure she will reach out at some point, bright woman she was, but the moral is that "image" I just got 20 minutes before romping through the north woods in the park came back and this time I connected the dots.  

Thank you God, Master Angels, I should make a few t shirts with Urban Opulence on it to have people see in the park and perhaps go goggle when they get home.  The site will just be a tool for our planet to build community on consciously minded things so we can all work smart and not hard and share the things we find on our path to open a few windows to accelerated growth.  The site will not be one of a constricted mind locked in structure of "this is how it is" no, but "hey try this" knowing the path is different for everyone and it is our duty to discern, stay innocent, be flexible, question, be aware, senseful and do our best to become self aware and open to become to healthiest, evolved and powerful human we can become know we are more then just what we see in the mirror, but rather a full hologram of inconceivable layers of energetic pathways and faculties that all harmonize together that when we open our mouth, the symphony of it all is in the sound of our voice.  That was a mouthful I know.....but just take it in.

OK, finally before I diffuse my writing today, I picked up a book that lured me off the street the other day as an answer to a question that was given to me by a friend....another fun story for another day that is a direct result of an answer received, but the book is called, "Have You Been to Delphi" which is in Greece.  I frankly knew not a thing about Delphi but my girlfriend asked me how the idea of it "felt" to me because she was about to board a plane for Greece and was discerning her routes of travel.  So a few hours later, this book lures me to it and so there was her answer, perhaps?  The book is about Delphi an old ancient city in Greece that was a rather prophetic place where oracles were given to women called the "Pythia" they say one was "Unfolded into the light (or wisdom from God) by a woman.  Just before I started writing this to you regarding "intuitive impulses" , I looked at the book and opened it up to this,

 "When the prophetic faculty (or person, specifically the higher faculties of a person) is in the proper state to attune itself to the spirit, enthousiasmos (enthusiasm) is bound to come.  But when conditions are unfavorable, it is bound not to come."

So to discern that a couple things.  One.  If you yearn for receiving guidance for your path from nature, to know, to feel the clear telephone line, I suggest you do what you need to do to settle yourself down and clear your mind.  If that means go move, sit down and close your eyes, or even better get out in is just easier to dismount from your life to hear a different song, see or feel images etc etc.  Do all of this without your design that, OK I am going on a walk and am going to get an answer for this.  Sorry, it does not work that way.  Just put yourself in line with nature on a frequent basis and allow things to come.

Now if you would like to understand and begin to plow open and power up these pathways that you have that may be dormant (or like a wet noodle of a muscle), I would go to John's website at  Go to the NEWS page and listen into a few of his audios about the nature of what he has to share with you about your nature.  You certainly can connect to me and I will get you rolling on some pretty knock down powerful tools and insights that are like the apple of spiritual technology for our time.

***When I write, I do not go back and re read, pay attention to grammer or run on sentences....not my style here so if your are bothered by that, innocently try to look past in and feel your way through it!  Warmly with a smile to your today, Susie

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