Friday, April 11, 2008

Toxic Overload! HELP!

Good Morning! So it has been almost 2 months for Gods sake since I have checked in and blogged away. Wondering where I have been? Me too for that matter. The last 3 months have been a whirl wind of listing our home on the market, living in rubber gloves cleaning for every showing, making all final decisions on the new construction of our new know the drill paint, furniture etc....then actually moving in March. Three months that are a bleep in time.

All I can say is I had no idea what I had ahead of me when we started this journey. I have a entirely new respect for Realtors who deal with the buyers and sellers during this stressful time of their life, for the women out there who prepare their home, become full time maids, work AND handle a family! That is from my shoes and God knows Eric would have things to add here to. So in all this mess, something had to bloggin went out the window fast!

The good news is we sold our place and moved into our new home in 3 and a half months! That's good stuff in this market. Our new home is brand spankin new. I love it with all my heart. However, as it is with life I am learning a HUGE lesson at this moment in time and would like to briefly share it with you.

Environmental toxins are so real! As I mentioned our new home is brand new. We are in a new housing development here in the city where all homes are brand new, and NOTHING is "GREEN" or environmentally friendly. That's right... toxic overload of dust and gases all over town around here!

Over the last 5 years I have done a significant amount of detoxing and my diet is rather pure living foods diet. That said, any little toxic bugger out there is detected and escorted out. Now that I am breathing in toxic fumes and dust daily, my lungs, liver and spleen are shouting, "What gives sister?". They are working overtime and as a result I am experiencing lots of flu like symptoms, headaches and loss of energy.

Why? Perhaps think about it this way, in a clean house you notice the dust bunny zoom across the floor and you snag it. 100 dust bunnies all at once may just put you over the edge! Now, if it is time for the housekeeper to come, that new dust bunny just joins the fun with the others and goes unnoticed, but the day will come when you need to clean house! It is usually called spring cleaning...translate that to the body and jump on the detox wagon! If not, then you may entertain some sort of a physical malfunction or disease later in life. It just all adds up at some point in life right!

I mention this for 2 reasons.

One, as I just described it is so important to detox your body at least once a year to stay ahead of the game and keep health issues at bay. I would suggest everyone consider taking something to support your liver on a daily basis. I will be carrying a product called "Liver Rescue" on my website beginning in May. That would be a terrific starting point!

Second, perhaps you may think twice about making "green" choices if you are building a new home or updating an existing one. Consider low VOC paints and Google green builders in your area if you are hiring a builder. Add lots of plants to your home to help purify and oxygenate the air.

Now, if you are in a new home and have children and pets.....PLEASE open your windows and invest in an air purifier to help move the toxins out of your home for their sweet immune systems, and YOURS! You may not feel anything, but trust me your liver is working over time!

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