Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is blunt:

Live stock now consumes 80% of antibiotics in our nation. Why? Because they are now living on a corn fed diet versus grazing on grass. Eating a diet of corn and grains causes a state of acidosis. If left untreated, in this state of acidosis the animal will die. To counter act the state of acidosis, animals are fed continual low doses of antibiotics.

Why grain fed versus grass fed. It is cheaper to feed the animals a corn grain diet and they gain weight faster. Often times they suffer from ulcers brought on by over eating of grains and an acidic state.

Now then, the same is true for us. It all boils down to acid blood or alkaline blood to your health. Lots of meat and carbs means an acidic state. Then eat the meat of an acidic animal and double whammy yourself. It is basic science of acid versus alkaline. Choose wisely….eat your greens…if you choose to eat animals, then when possible look for grass fed. Whole Foods is starting to carry it and wild oats market carries it. Yes it is more expensive, but at some point we all pay for it right!

Now about the corn itself. Most of it is genetically modified now. It used to be high in nutrition…full of protein. Now genetically modified, corn can grow faster and resists the sprays we use on our crops. Nutritionally it is depleted. Most of the corn is going to produce high fructose corn syrup used in cheap foods such as sweetened soda and packaged goods. All this is contributes to the rising cases of diabetes and obesity.

Yikes….grow a garden…read your labels for non GMO…check your boxes for high fructose corn syrup….if you eat animals, eat grass fed when possible. Do something little everyday in a new direction and it will add up or down.

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