Monday, February 4, 2008

WHAT! More Snow?

You are kidding right? Clearly the local weather man is not winning a popularity contest in my family room tonight as he breaks the news of yet another foot of snow to arrive in Chicago by 3pm tomorrow.

Oh help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda! What's an Iowa girl to do when at the age of 7 she committed herself to the California sun upon her first glimpse of the Beach Boys album! And, oooohhh...when the needle hit the sweet spot and THE song was set free from the record to her ears, "A ba ba ba ba bab aran!"...this Iowa small town girl's heart would be forever committed to the sun and fun. A much better idea then snow forts and sleigh rides down candy cane hill on a silver "saucer"....that thing never did work.

So with this announcement I affirm the fact I would love to hop a plane out of here to feel the warm sunshine on my bare shoulders. But I guess I do, and do not have a choice. I don't have the option of stopping the snow...because it is coming! I do however, have a choice to accept it and love it up.

Well surfer girl, what's it gonna be? Fight it or surrender? Hhhmmm....

I choose to surrender and love the pretty white stuff that makes our city look so pure and quiets us all down. I will relish the fact that I couldn't get my car out of the alley if I tried! I will heed Mother Natures advice, and slow down a bit. Perhaps stop running here and there, as fast as I can. I will bundle up, take DEEP LONG breaths of the cold weather outside and take lessons from my dogs as they light up like firecrackers and play....just loving what is!

But even as the snow falls, I can still crank up "Barbara Ann" and dance around the room in full freedom knowing the sun and heat will come again.... and with it all things new!

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