Saturday, February 2, 2008

5 Ways to Live and Work with a Wholistic Lifestyle

First of all remember....“No matter where you are, it is OK….just LOVE yourself”

Below you will find few BASIC guidelines to help get you on the right track. I have to remind myself, I am not going for perfection. Do the next thing in the direction you choose to go and enjoy the process. We get better each day....thank GOD!

1. Attitude, Responsibility, Power
You have a divine being inside your physical entity. Take responsibility for your life and find a reason for living. What is your legacy? YOU are the powerful creator of your life.

2. Dietary Upgrade
Begin today by upgrading ONE thing in your diet. ADD IN vs. TAKE OUT. Set a goal to consume an organic whole plant based diet for cleansing and rejuvenation.

3. Exercise and Hydration
Develop a physical resolve that suites you to free your mind, deepen your breath, and pump your heart. Drink clean, filtered and “blessed” or charged water. Observe your bodies many cries for water.

4. Rest
Quiet the mind. Budget your energy. Balance your rest with your physical exertion. Animals in nature don’t sleep, they rest. We’re a “vertically” addicted society…animals lie down.

5. Environment
City living equals lots of airborne pollutants. Do you own a good air filter and water purifier? Understand the importance of cleansing your body just as you do your home.

Wholism is taking personal responsibility so your being can THRIVE. Have 100% commitment at all costs, believe in yourself, and no backing down. You ARE living your best life!

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