Friday, January 13, 2012


can you feel it?
it's time we change this planet for good
and it starts with one
that is you
now is your time to create your own alchemy within the entire recipe of you
begin your own magical process of transforming your operation 
from ordinary to extra-ordinary
become x-cellent, a highly functioning organism
how to begin?
through the magical power, the process, the alchemy of becoming self aware
how well do you know your self?
when you know every part of yourself you have the power in
your structures to discern the best path for you 
can you cease the need to look for answers, direction and validation from others?
this is power
power to feel
power to listen
power to discern
the power to this right for me?  
should I take this chance?  do I need to take this?  
holding this power, this frequency is strong
it sets you at ease and others can sense it
you are magnetic, glowing, attractive, beautiful
becoming self aware is required for change 
it involves tuning in and becoming aware of every part of you.
how do you fuel your body?  
how do you listen to your inner guidance?  
do you attend to the clean up of your inner biology and cleanse?  
do you move your body?  
are you aware and discerning of your emotions or are you a puppet to reaction?  
what are your dependencies?
can you let go?
can you be open?
can you try something new?
can you trust?
find a practice to refine your self awareness
it is body building for your senses
crack your code
empower yourself
for blessed are the cracked
they will change the world!


concerned principally with discovering methods for transmuting 
or finding a universal solvent and an elixir of life.
Any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, 
into a substance of great value.

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