Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finding Your Truth

With a recent move to New York City with my husband after having lived in Chicago for 19 years and growing up in Iowa, I released myself of 65 percent of my possessions and left my perceived "self" behind.  Feels terrific, though the process was not without discomfort and some resistance of letting go of routines, identities, lifestyles, work, family and dear friends...real gems of the world.  

Joyful to be on this side of it all, I am now adapting a new home and the energy of New York and all of its thrilling and unending resources.  Even though some things remain foundational of course, on many levels known and unknown to me, I am resetting the recipe of who I am.  New professional and friend relationships, new community, new neighborhood, new home, new routines, new identities.

In this process I turned to my greatest resource, teacher, healing practitioner and alliance Master John Douglas of Australia for a bit of direction and a floatation device in my new sea of resources called New York.  

In listening to one of his recent teleseminars, I heard and received the guidance, reminder, or clarification I needed to remind me to operate on my level of truth versus what I feel and see out there to be "true" to harmonize too.  

We all know it is "normal" or maybe its "unconscious" to discern a likeness, or seek a direction to take for your life from what you see, feel, absorb and ask from others around you.  But in knowingness of who I am always beating to a different drum and looking out of a different window from my life experiences, in John's words below he reminded me to act, discern and choose according to my own current level of evolution and truth.

Perhaps what he has to say here is just what you needed today.

"Many of us are conditioned to be told truth from a book, professor, friend, or family.
The challenge is falling into this innocence with the work you are doing and applying the spirit repair tools to cultivate yourself.  The challenge is to discern or to know, and that knowingness can only be felt.  
That is what you should yearn for first, to feel the clear telephone line of truth.  Yearn to feel it yourself, not to read it or to hear it, but to feel it yourself and to investigate it further and test and come up with the impulses of positive discernment within you so you can have the right frequency of truth for you, because truth will change.  Don't fool yourself, truth changes.  The higher up in frequency we go and the deeper in faith you go, that equals worthiness. And with increased worthiness the paradox plot thickens.  
Truth is different as it applies to you and to your view of nature. There is no end point we can see, it is a continual process of perfection.  This is the process we must understand.  Every resource, person, doctor, book, expert, astrologist, weekend workshops, psychics are there for you to discern for yourself.  
Truth will change according to what you are worth to nature at any given time, that is one of the hardest concepts for us to understand.  
Truth will change.  Our realities will change, causes will change, factors will change and multiply and you can never get your head around it, it only comes with knowing.  The quieter you are, the more powerful you are, how much power are you running, how bright is your light, how much are you interfering, what is the state of your physiology, what are you putting in your mouth.  
The answer is to get to that point of discernment.  Many things are possible."
-Master John Douglas Teleseminar Spring 2011

Master John's mission and work around the world is to relieve suffering and build the picture of the nature of our reality to understand the paradox of our reality and the flows of energy and matter that make this world we live in.  He is our modern day agent of change to accelerate our learning, healing and well-being for the good of all.

For more insight go to  

Under the NEWS page you will find several audio clips to hear John's insights and perspectives on the nature of our existence and modern day holistic healing and personal growth tools and techniques.  In my opinion it is the pinnacle of spiritual technology for healing and advancing the mind, body, spirit and soul today.

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