Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fitness Model Takes Up Raw Food Diet


I wanted to pass this clip along that was in my "inbox" this morning.  The model from New Zealand is now a vegan, eating eggs with a 60 percent raw diet.  Interesting clip here to take in....everyone has an angle.  I teach raw food and detoxification as many know and from my research technically they say a diet of 52% raw foods sets the body up for healing/regeneration/anti-aging.  

Life becomes unbalanced and constricted if you become too left brain about it, but generally it seems that a diet of organic and pure WHOLE foods, not pre-packed, frozen, jarred or boxed is a good way to live.  Everything has a rate of vibration or life force that can be measured.  Organic and uncooked food dials up the highest vibration which you WANT in your body... if that is what you want to feel, vibbin high with energy and joy.  Processed, cooked food with chemicals, toxins, GMO, pesticides and bacteria is draggin along in vibration and will take you down with it :)

Incorporating grass fed meat or wild caught fish into your diet a couple times a week has shown to be good for the body, though not when cleansing.  "Meat" is a very controversial subject but something to "feel" your way through.  Buffalo or "bison" and wild caught alaskan salmon are good choices.  Pork has a very dark and dirty low energy anatomy that is not beneficial to the body.  Shellfish of shrimp, scallops, oysters, lobster, clams, and crab really are packed with the toxins and metals of the sea ie the bottom feeders.  You probably know these creatures were originally tossed out from the net, but over time they began to keep and sell the critters and now with good marketing we love them! Generally like everything else, what the animal consumes, you consume :)

Lastly raw living foods are terrific, and just like everything else, need to be prepared minding the bacteria world.  Soaking is best in the fridge versus on the counter at room temperature which allows for bacteria to grow.    Lastly generally if I don't consume something I prepared that day, I will save it for one day and after that, so long!  Of course that is different if is goes in the freezer or if it is a raw nut cheese.


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