Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is Your Shampoo Safe?

Are you a hair product junkie? Do you have a stash of suggested products from your stylist that are supposed to give you the hair of your dreams? I sure do! However, since my health wake up call in 1999, I do read labels and look at ingredients...what we put on our skin and scalp actually penetrates our body up to 70% faster then what you put in your mouth.

The last week I have been in Deer Valley, Utah and swimming at the local beautiful outdoor lap pool. Oh God, BLISS! I brought my shower gear, but the facility had their own spa shampoo/conditioner/soap... so like a kid in a candy store, I pumped away and had a blast in the lather and scent "sations". I was feeling, this probably isn't the best idea in the world...who knows what is in these products, but I am having fun and one candy shop shower is not going to kill me!

So in my "inbox" this morning was the conscious reminder from Dr Mercola's newsletter on minding the safety of your personal products. Good timing. So I am passing his article on to you. The point is not for you to buy his products, but to simply be mindful of the world we live in that as you know as well as I do, is a rather toxic one. So mind your right to educate yourself, make your own choices and read on!

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