Saturday, July 18, 2009

MILK..Does it really do the body good?

I get so many questions regarding Milk and what to do about calcium if we choose to not consume dairy. Below is an article from Dr Mercola for you to review and draw your own conclusions. I grew up around a HUGE family of dairy farmers so you can imagine how my questioning dairy was met with huge opposition.

After my cancer experience and cleaning up my diet to one that works for me of a whole foods plant based, dairy/soy free, and enzyme raw rich foods, I have learned marketing is EVERYTHING! Fact is cancer thrives on mucous. All milk contains casein which is the number one ingredient in glue. Human breast milk is very low in casein for the needs of a human baby. A baby cow weighs about 100 pounds and drinks the milk from its mama to grow quickly to 800 to 1300 pounds. The casein in cows milk obviously is great big huge! Something to think about. If you are minding your health perhaps give the article a wee bit of time.

We eat food for the minerals…calcium is a mineral. Even the bible says we are dust of the earth. Take a look at this website and consider Blue Ocean Minerals….it is food….no contraindications….just benefits…I even put drops in my doggies water! or

SOY? Well almost all soy/tofu these days in genetically modified and generates non beneficial elevated estrogen levels. For daily milk alternative, consider almond or rice milk. Yogurt? You can now find dairy/soy free coconut milk yogurt at whole foods.

Remember, a cow eats GRASS (greens) to make milk. GREENS are a powerful nutrient packed source of all minerals and calcium.

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