Monday, April 28, 2008

What is your main purpose of life?

Good question...certainly not something you think about everyday, but it is something we all contemplate at some point in life. Personally speaking, after being confronted with my mortality and the unanswered question of just how much longer did I have to walk this planet....I certainly have contemplated this many times over.

I thought about things such as what did I want to accomplish in do I want to be remembered? Should I be just living and loving the moment I had in front of me and have joy for the inhale and exhale I was able to take. Or should I be the crazy typical American and be focused on the future to improve my life, because it HAS to be better then this. Man... I should be setting goals complete with anal actions plans. UGH...should should should.

What did I do? Well for the first year post treatments I traveled and lived in the moment....I loved my family and friends..did a dance for my newly sprouted hair and did "I LOVE MYSELF" self talk in the mirror and reshaped my thoughts of fear of my body failing to thoughts such as, "For the love of God Susie, you are healed and perfect! Keep up the good work body! I trust you and thanks for the life force you are pumping through my veins"

Sure, I still do that kind of thing today, but I must admit that I do slip from celebrating the moment, to fixating on just where am I going and what do I want to accomplish. ( I am writing I am having a flash back of a sweet and wise old Italian man advising me when I was traveling solo through Italy, "You crazy Americans...all you do is work/worry and you don't relax and enjoy." God was he right.) I get back to the opening question of what is YOUR main purpose of life? Sure for each of us the doing will be different but the reason for the doing is all the same and that is why we have a is our purpose. I am going to give you Eckhart Tolle's words directly if you can take this in.

"Discover that the main purpose in life is to bring the light of consciousness (love) into this world and so use whatever you do as a vehicle for consciousness."

In my laymans terms this translates to: Allow the main purpose of your life to bring the light of love into this world. What ever you are doing (your life work at the moment....raising a family...advancing in your career...being a student...volunteering...) may it be done for the purpose of bringing love into the world. To transmute the energy of life...the same energy that makes the flowers grow. It is hard to describe that energetic feeling, but you know it is can feel is real. You feel it in your heart, even if for a moment. It is that warm energy buzzing through your veins when something or someone takes your breath away. Perhaps like when you see your child being born. You cannot put words to it...but it is SOLID in your heart. IT IS REAL.

If we could all stop for a moment and ask ourselves, "Is what I am doing everyday doing something for the benefit of the whole? How do I feel when I am doing it?" Feel how that activity enriches or deepens not only your life, but that of countless others. Feel yourself being an opening through which energy flows through you for the benefit of all.

How about that for a purpose of life! Sounds...or should I say...feels good!


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