Monday, February 11, 2008

Hang with me here a moment...

Have you ever read or heard something and it didn't quite sink in? Sure, you could understand a portion of the message, but the rest just flew somewhere over your head! Quietly you choose to put it away for later, and when the later date arrives, for whatever reason, this time...IT ALL MAKES SENSE!

Well....I would like to share something similiar that just "illuminated" my heart. Some of you may be familiar with my spiritual teacher John Douglas. Everyday I listen to many of his meditations and each day they sink in deeper. Today, while taking myself for a walk around the indoor track of my health club...not a "work out" walk but rather an empty your mind kind of walk....sort of like a beach walk. Well, peaceful it was. It was like the top of my head opened up, I gave every part of my body permission to relax and swing free, and my thoughts were free to leave my daily to do list and playfully immerse themselves in all things possible. To just observe and not analyse. delicious it was.

That said, I titled this blog, "Hang with me here for a moment..." because that is what you may need to do as I share me deep thoughts while riding on the words of my spiritual teacher on this snowy day following my bliss walk. My thoughts here may "reach you"... or not...just as mentioned above. If not, perhaps just come back to it...if you choose.

Here it goes...

"Emotional impressions in the molecules of your being are now letting go" -John Douglas

Deep inhale.....and exhale every last bit of air in your free, loose, and good it feels. Allow your crown chakra, the top of your head, to receive the divines thought forms as a download into your pineal gland...the center of your head. Do not judge what images or thoughts you receive, let them flow in and flow through you...listen. What do you see....what do you feel....what do you hear? Do not judge...your response is to just do the next thing in that very moment according to what you are receiving. Allow yourself to stay in motion with the thought form and go on to the next thing it is guiding you to do...and the next thing....staying in the flow.

Should you halt the thought form and park it while you analyze it, the thought form locks down and constricts the energetic flow which was keeping it in motion. This results in a physical block at the cellular level of your body. We label this physical block and constriction with an emotion or pain and it becomes ours....our identification...."I am in pain....I am depressed...I am stiff" Now you have to work to let it go...

Resist the compulsion to park and analyze your thoughts...let them flow in...respond to the ones that "illuminate" your heart and take a step in that direction staying in the flow of all things good.

Be open, loose and free. Do all you can to be the observer of your mind and life...not the operator working over time. Be still...calm down...allow all to be...just as the falling snow...tomorrow will be just perfect...just as it is this very moment....perfect.


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